You got Riches

rich man, materialistic, empty life, famous, suicide

You got riches too big for your britches no respect for women bunch of stupid bitches you got famous had the house got the car gone too far something happened went so wrong beat your chest your ego grew large like old king Kong fame never fills empty hearts might as well played a frowning … Continue reading You got Riches

Demon in the Mirror

demon in the mirror, poetry, steven humphreys

You may wonder 'why me'? yet, it was you chosen to go through all those painful experiences in life. at times, there was no one there to go to for comfort and wise philosophical words. there was only the lone candle you lit in your dark sanctum. Looking deeply but boldly into the mirror of … Continue reading Demon in the Mirror

Digitally Wandering

digital fingers sharpening claws wander through dusting scratched endprints to their own  lighted cringed image. this informative binge of mine falls away as you retrieve your Benedicite with such outstretched shouts of clothed grandeur clawing on old bricked house walls. folded intertwining hands so nil as drowsiness falls upon its own haughtiness no matter how dross an ounce of … Continue reading Digitally Wandering